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How can I purchase Fertinatal in the UK and EU?

You can order all of our products, except for Fertinatal DHEA, VIVO and Prenatal Vitamins with Fertilith DHEA, directly from our website for delivery in the UK.

If you'd like to order these 3 supplements directly from us - or want to also purchase other supplements, we recommend having us ship to a friend/family in the US (if that's an option for you) or using a US-based freight forwarder. We cannot accept responsibility for any packages that are delayed or destroyed at customs. 

To get Fertinatal DHEA in the UK and EU, you will need a prescription as DHEA is a controlled substance.  There are two options to purchase it:

1. If you have a prescription for DHEA, you can get it directly from Zen Pharmacy in London. They can also ship anywhere in the UK or Europe.

2. If you do not have a prescription, you can contact our partners at Evewell or the Harley Street Fertility Clinic to set up a mini-consultation.  Contact information is below for each: