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What Can DHEA Do For You?

Some DHEA Basics

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a steroid hormone produced by both women and men. It can then converted by the body into a variety of other hormones, such as estrogens and testosterone. Levels of DHEA increase throughout adolescence, peak in the late 20s, and then slowly decline. As levels fall, individuals experience fewer of the beneficial effects of DHEA and its multiple metabolites.

Health Benefits of DHEA

Since DHEA can be converted into many different hormones, multiple benefits of using DHEA supplements have been suggested, ranging from anti-aging to maintenance of skin elasticity to enhancement of male fertility. However, none of these claims have been sufficiently substantiated by scientific research (and naturally Fertility Nutraceuticals does not claim any of these benefits from FERTINATAL DHEA).

Fertility Benefits of DHEA

One of the most exciting new frontiers in the use of DHEA is its use in the treatment of infertility. In women with fertility problems related to age and low ovarian reserve, supplementing DHEA has been shown to decrease the time needed for successful conception. In addition, use of DHEA increases the quality of women’s eggs, thereby improving the resilience of the embryo and resulting in more successful pregnancies.

Individuals who plan to use DHEA for aid in fertility problems should obtain their supplements from a supplier whose supplements are designed to enhance fertility, such as Fertinatal. This will assure that the supplements are of the correct dosage and at appropriate micronization levels.