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What are the potential fertility benefits of DHEA?

Since low testosterone levels result in poor ovarian function, raising testosterone levels in women has been shown to enhance female fertility. One way to do it would be by giving women testosterone directly. However, it’s more physiologic with fewer side effects if testosterone levels are raised by giving women its precursor hormone, DHEA. This way, each organ in the body will pick up only the amount of DHEA it requires to produce that organ’s desired testosterone levels. Once in the body, DHEA is converted into testosterone.

As ideal testosterone levels vary between different organs, DHEA has become the preferred mode of raising testosterone levels all over the world in women who are attempting to improve their fertility. This includes women at advanced ages (over age 40), younger women with so-called premature ovarian aging and in an only recently newly described condition, the so-called hypo-androgenic PCOS-like syndrome*. With improving testosterone levels, ovarian function improves, resulting in production of more, and most importantly, better quality eggs*.

Fertility Nutraceuticals’ FERTINATAL® DHEA was developed specifically for this purpose, by the physicians who introduced DHEA use in the fertility/IVF setting.