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What are OVOENERGEN CoQ10 and ANDROENERGEN CoQ10 intended for?

All cells require energy in order to function. The “batteries” of our cells, producing the necessary energy, are small structures within the cytoplasm of cells, called mitochondria. Mature egg cells (oocytes) are by far the biggest cells in a woman’s body. They, therefore, require more and bigger “batteries” if they are to function at peak capacity. Their proper function is facilitated by so-called antioxidants. Demonstrated to do so likely best in eggs as well as sperm, has been an antioxidant called coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).*

In studies, CoQ10 has been shown to protect mitochondria from oxidative damage. Oxidative damage accumulates as people get older, while natural levels of CoQ10 in the body decline with age (like DHEA declines with age). Some researchers have speculated that this drop may have a role in general aging process, including in the age-related natural decline in fertility. Older women and men with age-related natural decline in ovarian and testicular function may, therefore, most benefit from supplementation with CoQ10.*

Oocytes during follicle maturation (folliculogenesis) and sperm during spermatogenesis need sufficient energy to develop properly. Though much smaller than the mature egg, the very active required motility of sperm also mandates availability of large amounts of energy for proper function. CoQ10 transports electrons and protons into the mitochondria, helping them maintain membrane potential. CoQ10 also drives synthesis of ATP, a molecule that acts like a rechargeable battery, supplying essential energy to all cells of the body.

OVOENERGEN is a well-absorbed CoQ10, which was specially designed for women who want to enhance their fertility through healthy egg development.*  Because of the large size of mature oocytes, studies suggested that CoQ10 dosages for this supplementation purpose should be higher than in other medical areas where this antioxidant is also frequently used (for example cardiology). OVOENERGEN is, therefore, the only CoQ10 product on the market, where women can receive the appropriate daily dosage of ca. 1000mg in only 3 capsules

ANDROENERGEN is the male counterpart to OVOENERGEN. Both products, recommended in similar dosages of ca. 1000mg daily, enhance fertility by supporting egg and sperm quality through fostering robust energy metabolism and protection from DNA damage by oxidative stress.* OVOENERGEN and ANDROENERGEN are designed to provide 333 mg of oil-suspended CoQ10, to be taken 3 times daily, and contain more than three times the amount of CoQ10 than most other CoQ10 supplements found on the market for women and men.