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What is CoQ10?

CoQ10 is a vitamin-like substance that acts as an antioxidant, found throughout the body. CoQ10 has been safely used by many urologists to support male fertility. Studies suggest that the two major functions of CoQ10, when it comes to sperm health, are to provide the sperm with necessary energy for development via robust energy metabolism*, and to protect sperm cells and mitochondrial DNA from oxidative damage*. 

In studies, CoQ10 has been shown to protect mitochondria, the energy-producing elements within cells, from oxidative damage. Oxidative damage accumulates with advancing age, while natural levels of CoQ10 in the body decline with age. CoQ10 plays an important role in cellular metabolism including that of sperm*. During spermatogenesis, sperm needs sufficient energy to develop properly with normal morphology (shape) and motility (ability to move in a straight line). CoQ10 transports electrons and protons into the mitochondria, helping the mitochondria maintain membrane potential*. CoQ10 also drives the synthesis of ATP, a molecule that acts like a rechargeable battery, supplying essential energy to the cell*.